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Interactive WEB3 Game Shows

Freckle TV is setting a new standard for rewards-backed entertainment. Freckle is the leading interactive, gamified entertainment platform in Web3. Passes minting May 3rd!

What is Freckle?

Play Games. Win Prizes. Top the leaderboard

Freckle TV is the FIRST interactive and rewards-backed game show network powered by Web3 technology.

Daily Games, Special Live Events, and Massive Prizes

Sponsored by well known global brands and partnered with your favorite Web3 communities

Play game shows, earn raffle tickets, compete with friends, and win prizes from our sponsors

NFT Passes

Passes will launch through Magic Edens ETH Launchpad and Marketplace on May 3rd 2023!

Forever Pass

888 of the best passes we will ever release. Forever Pass holders will hold the ultimate key to our content castle, including but not limited to: top earnings boosts, streaking bonuses, live-stream special event access, Forever Pass holder prize pools, Forever Pass only events and more.

Gold Pass

8888 of the our highest account tier under the Forever tier. Gold Pass holders will receive similar benefits to Forever Pass holders, including but not limited to: earnings boosts, streaking bonuses, live-stream special vent access, and more. Gold Pass holders will receive full access to our platform for Season 1.

Our Community Partners

NFT Utility

Our Passes are FULL of incredible utility in and out of our Play to Earn Ecosystem. From Earnings Boosts to Streaking Bonuses, owning one of our Passes will enhance your Freckle TV experience!


Earning Boost

Streak Bonus

Subscription Fee

Daily Trivia

Additional Shows

Live Stream Events

Coming Soon Prize Alpha

Specialty Prize Pools

VIP Events

Power-Up NFT Airdrops

Collection Size

Mint Price


5x Every 5 Games

Free Forever


.25ETH Public


3x Every 5 Games

Season 1 Free


.03ETH Public

Our Season 1 Roadmap

Season 1 Commences Post-Mint

let the games begin season 1 launches

- New user profile creation

- User analytics, earnings boosts, streaking bonuses, and more for holders

- Massive self-serve prize pools filled with physical and digital prizes, bluechip NFTs, unique experiences, and more

special events and digital collectibles

- Our Live stream event of the season with a massive grand prize! We hope you like Disneyland!

- Competitive leaderboards, deeper account analytics, and more user telemetry

- Power-up collectible NFT packs

New shows and more ways to win prizes

- Release first new holders only game show: “WTF is That”. Featuring competitive play, raffle ticket pools, and specialty prizes

- Our second Live stream event with a HUGE PARTNER! We hope you like the UFC!

Additional shows and even more utility

- Release second new holders only game show: “Name that Tune” with major sponsors and celebrity guest hosts

- Competitive Trivia matchmaking–play against your friends, wager you earnings

- New power-up collectible NFT packs

An unforgettable season finale event

- The biggest livestream event in the history of web3. our Season Finale special will be unforgettable

- Heading into season 2 we will release NFT Pass staking–more rewards, more utility, more chances to win


Prize Sponsors

Meet Our Team

The Freckle TV team is made up of a diverse group of full time members and advisors. Including Web3 thought leaders, Web2 veterans, VC's, and award winning content producers

Ian Feiner
Alex Skale
Tyler Malin
Head of Operations
Alessandro Strickner
Thomas Gaffney
General Council
Jesse Johnson
Advisor @ Aavegotchi
Kyle Vandynhoven
Advisor @ The Doge Pound
Qomoo Atomsa
Advisor @ Algorand
Jacob Miller
Advisor @ 8VC
Aaron Ahmadi
Advisor @ Probably Nothing
Cameron Armstrong
Advisor @ VF Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions About Freckle

You have questions, We have answers!

Wen and Where Mint?
May 3rd 2023 on Magic Eden’s ETH Launch Pad and Marketplace.
Is there a Pre-Sale?
There was a PRIVATE OG and Frens and Family Pre-Sale limited to 100 items. The Pre-Sale is SOLD OUT!
Is there a WL?
Yes! There will be separate White Lists for each collection. We’ll be partnering with many communities that will be supporting our mint by giving out WL. WL minting will be accessed prior to Public Mint at a discounted price.
What does the mint cost?
What are the mint stages?
How long is the season going to last?
8-12 months to be determined! Season length is subject to extension, but will be no shorter than 8 months!
How do I win prizes?
By playing our games of course! Players will earn Freckle tokens by participating in Daily Trivia, our additional game shows, and live stream special events. Tokens can be used to enter raffles for prizes in the prize pool. Prizes will have varying token values to enter each raffle, and will show how many entries there are, as well as when the raffle ends.